We develop surface laser solutions to reduce CO2 in a vast industrial environment. Our laser cleaning method only consists of laser light generated by electricity. In the cleaning process, we disintegrate organic and inorganic contaminations with a minimal waste multiplication effect. Our waste stream will give you a minimal carbon footprint. We dedicate our daily time to convince industrial customers to follow us in this very important mission to save our planet.


At P-Laser, we build lasting bonds with our customers, partners, and employees, putting their needs, challenges, and experiences at the heart of our work. Our laser cleaning technology is, therefore not only accurate and effective but also user-friendly, safe, and sustainable.

By putting the human connection first, P-Laser can develop laser-cleaning solutions that help
industries more efficiently, productively, and sustainably.



P-Laser has a constant drive to push the boundaries of laser technology, aiming to provide the best and most advanced laser cleaning solutions to customers around
the world.

On top of supplying high-quality products, our ambition also translates into the
continuous search for improvement and progress, in the broadest possible sense.


P-Laser focuses on the customer and constantly strives to provide them with the best possible solutions.

We place great importance on understanding each customer’s unique challenges and work
closely with them to provide solutions tailored to their specific requirements.


P-Laser offers a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning methods that can be harmful to the environment.

Indeed, the use of advanced technologies and materials ensures that our products are
energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

For P-Laser, sustainability is also about our relationships with customers and partners. We
aim for long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

International network

P-Laser is represented all over the world by our valued partners. The distributor network allows P-Laser to bring solutions  for different markets and applications. Our international partners are trained in laser cleaning on a regular basis, and receive support in marketing and sales.

Are you interested in joining our team as a distributor for a country/region that is not represented in our network yet? Please let us know.

P-Laser team


a dedicated team

Developing the world's best laser cleaning technology is teamwork. With specialists in a broad range of technologies, stimulating each other to share knowledge, we try to deliver top of the notch systems that are reliable and easy to work with.

At P-Laser, we put the people first, creating a nice environment where it's fun to work together and where all ideas are important. Our laser systems won't create themselves, so the team forms the base on our way to success.