P-Laser's test center

Inhouse engineering. Custommade.

Today's industry needs to prove the industrial feasibility of your new laser cleaning process before an investment decision can be made. P-laser is an ideal partner to challenge your idea’s in our test center on a pre-production scale. Our R&D engineers will guide you through the exciting photonic cleaning technology.

We have 18 test lasers available from 10 to 2000 watts to mount on robots or CNC systems, digital microscopes and SEM microscope to prove your concept solutions. After the first successful testing, large-scale testing can be done in our lab with your engineers. To monitor all aspects of the surface result P-laser has invested in surface testing equipment.


Our surface testing equipment

SEM ( Scanning electron microscope JEOL 6000+ EDS)

This microscope can give structural surface details in 10 to 60000x magnification. Further, we can analyze the presence of specific elements on the surface like oxides, organics, and inorganics. This is crucial to analyze the effectiveness of laser cleaning in your process.

3D microscope (Full HD Hirox 2000)

With our digital microscope, we are able to observe cleaned surfaces, bookmarks, particle presence, and roughness.

The influence of the laser on the surface is essential to observe.

  • Roughness measurement
  • Adhesion testing
  • High-speed camera (Kron Technologies Chronos 2.1-HD)
  • Surface tension
  • Salt presence on the surface
  • Dust particle test
  • CleanSense ( spectral inline cleaning sensor)

In industrial processes the stability of the cleaning process is important. P-laser developed ( patent pending) an inline cleaning sensor that can monitor directly the laser action on the surface. It can detect the base substrate like aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. But more important we can program the laser cleaning system to reach a certain cleaning quality in automatic robot mode. Some laser surface preparation for Aerospatiale applications has high demands on repeatability which can only be reached by inline measurement. Other applications like automotive weld cleaning demand high tracing and cleanness levels in production to ensure the next process.

  • ABB robot
  • DENSO robot
  • Festo 3D CNC (1100x1000x300)