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QF-Compact 50-100W

QF-Compact design

QFC-50 - QFC-100

The QF Compact 50-100 were the first Compact designs in the P-Laser family. They have a tiny footprint and easy-to-use implementation.

QF-Compact 200-300W

QF-compact design

QFC-200 - QFC-300

Our R&D-department developed a new machine in the Compact-range: the QFC 200 and QFC-300.  The 200-300W machines have a more powerful laser source than the 50-100 W models, which allows a faster cleaning.

Laserpack LPC-100

laserpack design


P-Laser proudly presents the Laserpack LPC-100, a design that allows operators to work with everything they need for laser cleaning strapped to their back!



Our latest model answers more heavy-duty use in a maritime environment. This laser package is splash-waterproof. After you have taken out the handgun, you can close the cover and use the external  IP64 buttons to change your desired program. External power supply and external emergency stop are present. The system is the same as our Compact series with the same functionality but heavier. Only the casing is more robust. You can order this device with different powers and optics, like a miniscan or our standard PX-2D optic. 

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