Industrial Laser Cleaning

P-Laser develops and produces the world's most advanced industrial laser cleaning equipment for manual and automated use. Precise, cost effective and clean.

Laser Cleaning Applications

The number of laser cleaning applications is growing exponentially. Every day new possibilities are discovered and explored. From the classical rust removal to the restoration of natural stone building facades.

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Laser Cleaning Equipment

P-Laser develops and produces the world's most advanced industrial laser equipment for manual and automated use. Our industrial laser cleaning systems range from 20 to 1000 watt of extremely accurate cleaning power.


Laser Cleaning Services

P-Laser offers you a number of specialised laser cleaning related services, varying from research, renting of equipment and actual cleaning, to activities such as laser marking and labeling. 

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Laser Cleaning - How It Works

Laser cleaning is the neatest technique to treat a wide range of substrates. It only irradiates the material you want to remove, leaving your base material untouched.

Laser cleaning is safe for the user and has the lowest possible impact on the environment.


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The latest news!

Product video QF-Compact - Most Compact Laser Cleaning System Ever


Hard work of the entire P-Laser team has paid off, so here it is: QF-Compact. The World's most portable and compact laser cleaner. Ever. Please check out our amazing video on Youtube: The device is suited for rust removal, paint removal, mould cleaning and a wide variety of other industrial cleaning applications. Now available worldwide.
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Introducing: The QF-Compact


Meet the QF-Compact: the most compact laser cleaning system. Ever. Coming January 2019. More info available soon at Find our teaser video on youtube: Size does matter. #lightyearsahead
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Collaboration with Flanders Make


We're doing a collaboration with Flanders Make to improve the ease of use of our systems. Last week Stig had the honor to show up in one of our videos, now it's Thijs' turn. He explains the basics of laser cleaning and the reason for the collaboration like no other one could! On the 27th of November, we'll be present at the "Flanders Make Symposium 2018" to show off all of the new techniques that were implemented. More information about this event can be found here:
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