QF-500 - QF1000

high pulse power with large surface coverage

QF-500-2000 W Trolley


P-Laser's 500-1000 W systems are truly state-of-the-art machines that combine high pulse power with large surface coverage. The laser is controlled by a 19" control unit. To cool the optical components during operation, water cooling is integrated. 

The series can be delivered in several configurations: a 500 W or a 1000 W laser source. They all work at the same pulse power, but the 1000W delivers double the amount of energy of the 500W to speed up the process. An air treatment unit is integrated to cool down the optic and avoid dust onto the lens.

QF-500 - QF-2000 Trolley


The mobile optic, as you can see, gives you the freedom to operate the laser anywhere you want. An external vacuum system can be added to the mobile optic, to ensure good suction of harmful dust or fumes.

QF-500 - QF-2000 Trolley


The mobile version of the QF-500 - QF-1000 is mounted on a robust set of wheels, making it very easy to transport and maneuver it anywhere you like. The brakes on the caster wheels prevent the system from moving around unintentionally.

Measurements: 182cm x 77cm x 140cm

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