P-Laser at K 2019


P-Laser will be present K 2019, a trade fair for plastics and rubber in Düsseldorf, Germany. As the plastic and rubber molding industry is one of our primary fields of practice, we like to keep up with the newest developments in the field. We’re ready to discover the challenges and opportunities of the future! Look for us at the Milacron stand, we'll bring our QFC100.
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Product video QF-Compact - Most Compact Laser Cleaning System Ever


Hard work of the entire P-Laser team has paid off, so here it is: QF-Compact. The World's most portable and compact laser cleaner. Ever. Please check out our amazing video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/m4oMaxo3jlc. The device is suited for rust removal, paint removal, mould cleaning and a wide variety of other industrial cleaning applications. Now available worldwide.
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Introducing: The QF-Compact


Meet the QF-Compact: the most compact laser cleaning system. Ever. Coming January 2019. More info available soon at www.p-laser.com. Find our teaser video on youtube: https://youtu.be/BieO78wO3ec Size does matter. #lightyearsahead
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Collaboration with Flanders Make


We're doing a collaboration with Flanders Make to improve the ease of use of our systems. Last week Stig had the honor to show up in one of our videos, now it's Thijs' turn. He explains the basics of laser cleaning and the reason for the collaboration like no other one could! On the 27th of November, we'll be present at the "Flanders Make Symposium 2018" to show off all of the new techniques that were implemented. More information about this event can be found here: https://www.flandersmake.be/nl/over-ons/evenementen/symposium-2018?fbclid=IwAR1a44NkPd19yBPEW3Di8zQQx21zrX8m7_t-JIuH9hDbTBdq0-Y7403UJ38.
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Showcase video: High power systems!


Blizmedia made an amazing video about our high power systems. Lookin' great, right? For more information about these systems, visit: www.p-laser.com! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4n3bAiXfC0!
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We're at ADIPEC 2018!


From the 12th to the 18th of November, you can find P-Laser in the Belgian pavillion of ADIPEC 2018. Our world class laser cleaning technology is vital for future sustainability in several sectors like infrastructure and the oil&gas industry. Reducing the waste quantity and preserving the natural resources is our main driver. Visit us at booth 13686 for more information! See you there!
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We're taking over the air.


After entering the US-market, our P-Laser Midwest team got immediate response by some leading aeronautic companies. After some successful demonstrations, they ordered some of our Low Power systems. If you want to try our laser yourself, go hit that contact button up top. The sky is the limit!
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Find us at ONS 2018!


P-Laser will be present at ONS 2018. ONS (Offshore Northern Sea) is a meeting place for companies involved in the Offshore industry and is held every two years in Stavanger, Norway. Major players in the sector are looking for new, sustainable cleaning technologies. As the traditional solutions encouter a lot of difficult restrictions, laser cleaning can be a possible solution.
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